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What Are You Reading This Summer?

NEXT YEAR IN HAVANA by Chantell Cleeton

This author has written many books about Cuba, before and after the revolution. Her characters are usually people who have left Cuba and all they had to find a new life. They are not just “Boat People” but intellectuals and sometimes wealthy. Other books from her are: “The Most Beautiful Girl in Havana “, “When We Left Cuba”, and “The Last Train To Key West”. I also found a couple of nonfiction books from that genre. “Havana Nocturne” by T.J. English tells the story of how the US mob owned most of Havana before Fidel and infighting among the mob brought the whole thing down.

Another one is “Last Dance In Havana” by Eugene Robinson. His theme is the joy of the people after Fidel was gone and how they felt a second revolution was underway but we know how that turned out.

Alex Michaelides , the author of “The Silent Patient” has another new book, “The Maidens”.  Don’t know much about it but if you liked “The Patient”,  you can always look it up and read about it.

“Zero Fail” by Carol D. Leonnig is about the rise and fall of the Secret Service.

“Madness at The End Of The World” by Julian Sancton sounds terrific. An expedition tries to reach the magnetic South Pole and gets trapped in the ice for one long Winter. This was in 1897, making it an even more harrowing adventure.

Amor Towles of  “A Gentleman In Moscow” has a book about a road trip gone wrong in 1954. It will be published in October but there already a lot of hype.

In the last weeks, I have read: “Hadley And Grace” by Suzanne Redfearn. This is a “Thelma And Louise” with lots of twists and a happy ending.

“No Ordinary Life “ also by Redfearn. A cute little 4-year old gets her big break in TV and the family pays. Great story!!

“The Narrowboat Summer” by Anne Youngson tells the story of three women in England connected by their desire to live a fuller life by leaving everything behind and taking to the waters of the canals. Sound strange? Look it up on the internet.

At this moment I am reading “West With Giraffes” by Lynda Rutledge. This is a story based on a true story about the hurricane of 1938 that hit New York and further north. A ship carrying two giraffes headed to the San Diego Zoo is heavily damaged but it’s cargo-the giraffes are saved.  Now they have to get to San Diego across the country. Luckily a young man wanting to get to the promised land of California can help! Great adventure!!

One last thing- David Lagercrantz has written still another Liz Sander “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, book. It is “The Girl Who Lived Twice”.  I have to admit I was really into this series when it started but I don’t know if I will read another.

Just remember all the books you want are available through the Collier County Library system online or in person. You Ebook fans can also check out books through the Library!!

And remember BE A FRIEND!! You can never have too many!!

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