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What Are You Reading?

These past few weeks, and now months, have been a trying time but one thing has remained constant – the never ending flow of new books for us to read, keeping us sane. When you can lose yourself in someone else’s story or in another time and place, you have managed to travel to another world and forget the crazy stuff of everyday.

So —— Welcome to a new feature of the Friends Website! We want to use this column to trade our favorite reads, new or old. I will tell you of some of my favorites in the recent past and hope that you can share with us all yours.

William Kent Krueger has written several books in the past, but his newest THIS TENDER LAND, has hit the big time, not only because it seems to resonate with today’s audiences, but because it is a wonderfully written adventure about some young people who strike out on their own to find a home. Krueger writes all of his stories about Minnesota and the Native Americans who live there. This one tells of the attempt of the government to “help” them integrate into the white community by taking away their “indianness”. Sounds heavy but the book shows the determination and resilience of kids. It is also so descriptive of the landscapes of their travels and all the wonderful and varied people they meet on the way. His book, ORDINARY GRACE, is also a treasure.

Louise Erdrich published THE NIGHTWATCHMAN, more about the struggles of the Native Americans in danger of being “eliminated “ in the 1950’s by a proposed law in Congress which would remove all the privileges granted to the tribes when they signed treaties in return for ceding their land. Ms Erdrich’s grandfather organized a group to go to Congress and present the tribe’s point of view and to plead for their rights. There are also several side stories about the people on the reservation in Minnesota and their successes and failures. Another great read from a prolific author.

Enough heavy stuff!!

Fredrik Backman has just published another of his Swedish tales. This time it is about a bank robbery gone wrong with his usual wry take on how ordinary people get involved in strange situations. ANXIOUS PEOPLE is the title. He is the author of A MAN CALLED OVE, BRITT MARIE WAS HERE (both of which were made into movies and available through streaming portals), BEARTOWN, THEM AGAINST US and more. If you have ever read any of these, you will have discovered what a talented story teller he is.

Yaa Gyasi, the author of the hit novel HOMEGOING, has just released her newest. TRANSCENDENT KINGDOM features a present day family of Ghanian transplants here in America. Ms Gyasi is herself such a person and has lived here since she was a small child. Her first book was
a long involved tale of intertwining lives both in Africa and America. It is still on the best seller lists.

That is all I have space for but if you want to be kept up to date on new releases, join the publisher websites for Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster, or any other publisher and you will receive updates on what is new. Some even feature sites where you can watch authors in conversation with other authors.

Just remember all the books you want are available through the Collier County Library system online or in person. You Ebook fans can also check out books through the Library!!

And remember BE A FRIEND!! You can never have too many!!

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