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$100,000 E-Book Donation | Friends of the Library

$100,000 E-Book Donation

Friends of the Library of Collier County is proud of its 64-year history of supporting the Collier County Public Library System, with its 10 branch locations. When the Director of the Public Library, Tanya Williams, asked Friends for help with funding for additional e-books, Friends was happy to be able to help. Friends of the Library of Collier County is pleased to have been able to satisfy the needs of the community through a donation to the Public Library of $100,000 for its 2020-2021 budget.

Branch Enhancements

Friends of the Library works closely with the Collier County Library Director to support our 10-branch library system and our community. This relationship allows the Friends to endeavor to fulfill the “wish list” that the managers and staff of the individual branches create each year. Some of the enhancements that can be seen at our branches are rugged iPads with educational software for children, seating for preteens, programmable display boards, and comfortable chairs with attached tables for adults just to name a few.
Child Reading Book in a Library | What We Do: Child & Youth Programs

Child and Youth Programs

Through a combined effort, the Collier County Library and Friends of the Library work to support the needs of the children and youth in Collier County. Funding is provided for in-library child and youth programs. Presently, the libraries have begun virtual programs many of which are being funded by Friends of the Library.
Child Reading Book in a Library | What We Do: Children's Summer Reading Programs

Children's Summer Reading Program

The Collier County Library system has a wonderful reading program to encourage and support children’s reading through the summer. Friends of the Library offers substantial financial support to motivate and encourage participation in this program.
Naples Library Genealogy Room | What We Do: Genealogy Research

Genealogy Research

The Naples Regional Library has a dedicated Genealogy room staffed by volunteers from the Genealogical Society of Collier County.  A schedule of volunteer availability is posted in the room.

In addition to the Library’s non-circulating collection of genealogy books and periodicals, Friends of the Library finances two of the large databases in use and supplies some of the major resource material for the Genealogy room.

Library services include links for accessing online subscription databases and recommended genealogy websites.

Collier Public Library Mail Envelope | What We Do: Mail-A-Book Program


Friends of the Library is pleased to provide prepaid postage for qualified home-bound library patrons. The Mail-A-Book program includes loaning and sending library materials to persons who are unable to visit the library in person. Postage is generously prepaid by the Friends of the Library and delivered in blue nylon bags.

If you would like to be considered for the Mail-a-Book program, please fill out the application and send it to the address on the form.

Abstract Painting | What We Do: West Wing Art Gallery

West Wing Art Gallery

The Gallery is located in the North Regional Library. Naples is fortunate to have very talented artists who are willing to display their work for a month in the library. We are scheduled to open in September 2022.
Person Reading a Book on the Beach | What We Do: What Are Your Reading Blog

What Are You Reading?

The place where you can find your next read or an addition to your “to be read” shelf is right here on this website. A Naples book club leader shares knowledge on fiction, non-fiction and internet book news.

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